From today you could say
that one Melinda is never enough.

The really good news is that Melinda Cherries are here!

What makes them so good? The Val di Non, of course, an area particularly suited to the cultivation of late-ripening cherries. From mid-June to early August, no fewer than four varieties of cherry are grown here, all different but each one unmistakably unique. This is how we can bring you the freshest, most natural cherries for almost 3 months, highest quality every time, guaranteed by the Melinda sticker.
Available from the first days of July to mid-August

Here are the 4 varieties of cherry
that the Val di Non gives us every summer:

  • Kordia

    With its brilliant dark red colour and typical heart shape, Kordia is the most attractive Melinda Cherry. So inviting you will want to immediately taste its crisp flesh with its high sugar content.

    Picking Period From the end of June to the end of July

  • Ferrovia

    It has bright red skin and paler red flesh. It is heart shaped and its flavour is the perfect balance of a good sugar content and just the right degree of tartness.

    Picking Period From mid-June to early July

  • Regina

    The Regina variety is particularly resistant, crisp and juicy. Like Kordia, it has a deep red colour and high sugar content, but stands out due to its elongated shape and natural freshness.

    Picking Period From early July to early August

  • Durone 3

    Durone 3 is the palest red Melinda Cherry and, despite what its name suggests (duro means hard in Italian), it is also the one with the softest flesh. Try it - its sweetness will win you over.

    Picking Period From mid-June to mid-July

And the good news does not stop here…

Together with its Cherries, Melinda has another tasty new entry: Strawberries!

Fragrant, juicy and round, they are the result of the labour and dedication of over 4,000 families in the Melinda Consortium and embrace all the natural freshness of the wonderful area where they are grown: the Val di Non.
Available from June to September

And if you like raspberries, with Melinda you’re sure to like them even more!

With their appealing sweet-tart flavour, they are another example of the unique quality that makes Val di Non fruit stand out. Let yourself be captivated by their brilliant red, Melinda Raspberries will tickle your taste buds. And if you like, they will also amaze you: as they are also ideal for fruit teas and jams.
Available from the end of June to September

Our Blackberries, what passion!

Melinda blackberries are characterised by a late ripening period and the unique flavour of Chester, a variety grown predominantly by families in the Melinda Consortium.
They are exquisite eaten natural or as a garnish to desserts, yoghurts and ice creams and are ideal for making jams, jellies, cordials or flavoured liqueurs.
Available from July to late autumn.

Tasty and healthy? It must be Melinda Currants!

Red and White Melinda Currants are famous for their unmistakeable tart and refreshing aroma and at the same time are good for your health…and your taste buds!
Excellent in desserts, mousses and fruit salads and as an accompaniment to main dishes or elegant desserts, they can also be used to make fresh cordials or fruit juices.
Available from July to September.

Italian Blueberries unite!

Selected by Melinda for those who want to taste the full range of the best forest fruits, the blueberries bought by the Melinda Consortium to accompany the locally grown raspberries, blackberries and currants are 100% Made in Italy.
These blueberries are particularly tasty because of their ideal size, their firm and crunchy flesh and their tart yet sweet flavour. They are ideal eaten as they are, made into jams or drunk as delicious juices.
Available from June to September.